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Apple CEO Timothy Donald Cook or Tim Cook. He gave a briefing speech at the Stanford University Decade Ceremony in the US in 2019. Here are some tips he gave to the graduates of the day:

Be creative
At a Stanford University party, Cook encouraged graduates to become producers. “Creators like to believe that their work in their lives will one day be greater than theirs, greater than anyone’s work. They believe that the impact will spread to the next generation.

Your mentors can help you prepare; But you can’t do that.
Being prepared is not the same as being prepared. Cook learned this in 2011 after the death of Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs.

“When (Steve Jobs) left, I learned the real difference between being prepared and being prepared,” he said.

“Don’t waste your time in other people’s lives.”
Cook repeated his predecessor’s advice to 2005 Stanford graduates. “Your life is limited, don’t waste it on other people’s lives,” Jobs said.

Cook said, “Don’t follow people who ignore everything and create ineffective random structures. This takes a lot of mental effort. That effort should be devoted to creativity and construction.”

“If you want to take credit, learn to take responsibility first.”
One aspect of Cook’s Stanford speech was about the importance of taking responsibility. Cook did not mention a specific technology company. But his comments on privacy violations, fake news and hate speech alluded to the names of companies such as Facebook, Google’s YouTube and Theranos.

Ultimately, graduates will learn from these mistakes, Cook said.

“Don’t believe that if you did what you love, you wouldn’t have to work hard in life.”
You’ve probably heard this expression countless times.
In a May 16 speech to Tulane University alumni, he said that the proverb he learned while working at Apple was not at all true.

He said, “I was taught at Apple, this is completely wrong. You will work harder than you thought you could.

“Take a risk to create something better.”
“No matter what you do, don’t make the mistake of being too far-sighted.” Speaking to the 2019 Tulane alumni, Cook said, “Don’t assume the ground under your feet won’t move. Numbness isn’t permanent. So stick to doing something better.”

“Keep your eyes open to see something different.”
Cook urged graduates to keep their eyes open, and to see and hear something new.

Another topic to mention is Facebook, which has been criticized in the past for creating filter bubbles. It encourages graduates to push against algorithms that “pull you toward something you already know, believe, or like.”

He said, “It doesn’t have to be. But keeping your eyes open and seeing things anew in 2019 can be a revolutionary mission. Be brave to follow through, not just listen. Not just for acting, but for working together.”

“Be inspired by your duty to build a new world.”
Dealing with any major problem is not easy; But Cook urged Tulane’s alumni to rise to the challenge.

“From climate change to immigration, from criminal justice reform to economic opportunity – get inspired by your duty to build a better world,” Cook said. Young people have changed the course of history time and time again and now is the time to change it again.

‘Boost your spirits, try to do something. You can succeed and you can fail; But take it as a vow of your life to rebuild the world.

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