Preparing for primary school teacher recruitment

Labor exams in Bangladesh are very competitive. You must be well prepared before facing this ordeal. Today we will discuss the preparation of teacher recruitment test in primary schools. In the case of recruiting primary school teachers, the test will be 100 points. There will be 60 written marks and 20 oral examination marks. The written test will contain objective questions in Bengali, Mathematics, English and General Knowledge. The value of each question is 1, and 0.25 marks can be deducted for each error. Here are the important parts of the various topics –


The question of the Bengali language is divided into two parts, Bengali literature and Bengali grammar. In the case of literature, poets and writers need to know a brief introduction. He should know about different eras of literature, language movement, novels/plays/stories based on the liberation war etc. For this preparation, NCTB Bangla Board books can be pursued up to class 5th 12th.

In Bengali grammar, letters or sounds, repeating words, conjunctions, verbs and conjugations, conjunctions, natures and suffixes, words, opposite words, synonyms, expressions in a word, proverbs, proverbs, variants, prefixes, suffixes and punctuation are important. In the case of Bengali Grammar, Grammar Book for Class 19th written by NCTB can also be followed.


Most of the English questions come from English grammar. However, if you have a basic idea of ​​English literature, it will be easier to prepare. In the case of English grammar – importance should be given to the form, sound, narration, number, gender, preposition, partner, correct form of the verb, etc. In addition, you should have a good idea of ​​spelling, synonym, antonym, idioms, phrases, translation, proverbs, single word replacement, etc. English books for competitive exams and NCTB English Grammar Board books for English practice can be seen.


In arithmetic, rational and irrational numbers, prime numbers, percentages, profit loss, fractions, unit bases, calculating interest, average, lasago, gasago, etc. For algebra, algebraic quantities, values, product analysis, simple equations, pointers, logarithms, groups, functions, etc. For geometry, you should practice with lines, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, trigonometry and dimensions. NCTB books for 5th to 9th grade are very important for math practice.

Common sense

geographical location of bangladesh, region, borders, population, minorities, heritage of bangladesh, establishment, ancient history of bengal, british rule, language movement, liberation war, constitution of bangladesh, administrative structure, trophies, sports, regions of bangladesh, rivers, you must have knowledge With natural resources, famous places, national day, etc. NCTB Bangladesh books, Global Identity, History, Global Civilization of Bangladesh, Geography, Economics, Politics etc. can be read to prepare for these topics. In international affairs, attention should be paid to geographical narratives, borders, styles, islands, seas, oceans, treaties, conferences, organizations, institutions, countries, currencies, capitals, international days, United Nations, awards, etc.

You need to read regular magazines or monthly magazines to learn about current events. For science, you have to read original science books from fifth to ninth grade. As well as the sixth to eighth grade information and communication technology book for practice.

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