Where to look for a resume for a job

The job market is booming. Hundreds of applications were received when the vacancy notice was posted. It is not easy to choose the right candidate among the many applications. The employer cannot contact everyone again due to lack of time. As a result, employers may make an initial decision about a job seeker by looking at a resume or resume. Because the CV contains a brief description of the candidate. For this reason, it is very important to keep an eye out for some issues in creating this resume.

Employers try to hire a job seeker based on his qualifications or skills. Employers receive many resumes rather than employment notifications. In this case, it goes without saying about Bangladesh. If your resume isn’t the only exception among these many resumes, why would employers choose you? So be careful when writing in a resume or CV. There are a few things to keep in mind while writing a resume. Briefly discussed here:

The first 20-25 words on your resume are very important. With these words you can attract the attention of the employer or fail to attract attention. Here you can talk very briefly about your business skills. It can be written in detail in the next part of the CV. In this brief description, you need to explain why you are qualified for the job. Vague descriptions should be avoided. The following example gives an idea of ​​the topic:

A Strategy and Business Development Executive with extensive experience designing, leading and executing a broad range of corporate growth and reorganization initiatives. ‘ (Harvard Business Review)

Here are a few words to highlight your skills.

In the second part, you can highlight your qualifications, skills or work experience in Bullet Point. You can mention the ones you are more proficient in at the beginning of the point. You can learn what is changing in the organization through your work. Tell us about the challenge in the beginning and how you can help overcome it. You can demonstrate the success of the organization by placing your hand at different points. Employers will take into account what you have done before. Because, from here, they will understand what you can do for them. So you have to show in light of past experience how you can help them develop the organization.

Not all jobs should have the same resume. There may be some changes in the resume depending on the type of job. You will need to select some keywords from the job description. You can specify qualifications or skills related to responsibilities or duties.

Read the job advertisement carefully. Because you must have a balance of skills and experience with the needs mentioned in the advertisement. Your work experience must be relevant to the employer. Ensure that your job experience does not match the job requirements. In this case, relevant experiences should be mentioned according to the needs of the employer. You mentioned a lot of experience, but the experiences necessary for this job specifically were left out; What he said is again irrelevant to this post, but it will not give a very positive result.

There is no need to mention all of your activities on a resume. For example, what organizations have you worked for, what have you done as a volunteer, and what certifications and skills have you gained? The content mentioned in the CV must be specified. There is no need to write everything in detail. List only those issues that are relevant to the job.

The font size of the text must be appropriate. The text is difficult to read or not ambiguous. Nowadays a CV can be written in two to three pages. Gone are the days of writing a one-page resume. So there is no problem if the font size is a little big.

Educational qualification issues can be given at the end when writing a resume for a job. Because, for any job, employers first want to know your suitability for the job. List the skills and experience relevant to this job at the beginning.

You can get help from the internet for useful tips for creating a good resume. You can find good tips for creating a standard resume at this time at Harvard Business Review. In addition, there are many other sites. Always remember, don’t copy someone else’s resume. Such a resume raises negative perceptions in the mind of the employer from the beginning. In particular, write the career objective yourself in the resume.

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