Job opportunities in Qatar Airways, job opportunities for job seekers in Bangladesh

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Qatar-based airline Qatar Airways. The airline, one of the largest in the world, has recently published a recruitment notice. Qatar Airlines will recruit students in the Indian subcontinent. Bangladeshis can also apply. You have to apply online.

Position name

Cabin crew

Number of terms

Not scheduled

Eligibility of application

If you want to apply for this post you have to have at least higher secondary pass. Must be fluent in English, speaking another language will be considered as an additional qualification.


At least 21 years.


Must be physically fit, have good eloquence and interest in working with multinational teams, have good manners with customers and ensure quality service and have the desire to live in Qatar.

Procedure for application

Those interested should apply by accessing the Qatar Airways website. You need to upload the updated CV with the application.


According to the salary policy of Qatar Airways, the salary will be the same if you get a job in this position.

Last date of application

Applications can be submitted till the last day of this month.

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