Publication of final result of lawyer enrollment, passed 5982

Bangladesh Bar Council has announced the final results of the enrollment of lawyers. Passed 5 thousand 972 lawyers will be able to conduct their profession in different courts of the country.

The results of nine candidates have been postponed due to non-submission of required documents. If they do not submit the documents within 30 days, their results will be canceled. In addition, the Bar Council has suspended the results of three more until the writ of a private university is disposed of.

The results were published on the website of the Bangladesh Bar Council on Saturday.

Earlier, the final oral examination was held at the Supreme Court Auditorium and the Supreme Court Judges Sports Complex.

The written test for lawyer admission was held on December 19 last year and February 26 this year. After that, those who passed from there and got stuck in the oral examination in the last two examinations took part in the oral examination this time.

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