Have you applied for a job in Prabasikalyan Bank, Salary Scale: Rs. 35,500-56,500

The application for recruitment to the vacant posts of Prabasikalyan Bank, a member of the Bankers’ Selection Committee, was coming to an end. A total of 64 people will be appointed in 5 posts in the bank.

Position Name: Deputy General Manager / Vice President 8.
Salary Scale: Rs.56,500-64,400

Position Name: Assistant General Manager / Deputy Vice President: 20
Salary scale: Rs. 50,000-61,200.

Position Name: Senior Principal Officer / Assistant Vice President 632

Salary scale: Rs. 43,000-69,650.

Position Name: System Analyst 602
Salary scale: Rs. 43,000-69,650.

Position Name: Maintenance Engineer (Hard / Net) 602
Salary scale: Rs. 35,500-6,010.

Last time to apply

Applications can be submitted till 11.59 pm on September 26.
Application fee: Rs.

Rules of application

Interested candidates can apply through Bangladesh Bank’s website erecruitment.bb.org.bd.

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