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Japan is a selfless friend of Bangladesh. The country of sunrise is next to the happiness and sorrow of the country. Japan is one of the favorite countries of Bangladeshi students due to the quality of education. The country also offers various scholarships for foreign students. The Japanese government provides various scholarships. One of them is Max Titech Scholarship.

Through this scholarship, foreign students will be able to do postgraduate and PhD at Tokyo Institute of Technology without tuition fee. The duration of postgraduate is 2 years and the period for PhD is 3 years.

There is no fee for application or admission. If you get this stipend by matching various types of facilities including monthly stipend, air travel expenses. Application can be made without IELTS or TOEFL. International students from all over the world including Bangladesh can apply for this scholarship. The application will end on December 6.

What is ‘Max’?

One of the scholarships to study in Japan is ‘MEXT’ / MEXT. This is actually MECSST. The term is actually Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Max is the short form of the big word.

Since 1954, the Japanese government has provided scholarships to students from around 180 countries around the world. It is one of the most prestigious and prestigious scholarships offered by the Japanese government. If you get a visa for this scholarship, the visa says’ Govt. Scholar ‘. The scholarship is aimed at encouraging human resources to become a bridge of friendship between the scholarship recipient country and Japan through research in Japan and to contribute to the development of both countries and the wider world.

Scholarships carry airfare mexts to come to Japan from their respective countries and to return to the country at the end of the degree on time. Many other professions do not have this facility. The university does not have to pay any tuition fee, examination fee or any other fee. The Ministry of Education and Technology of the country bears the waiver of all fees of public educational institutions and tuition fees and other expenses in public or private universities.

Things that can be read

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Mechanical Engineering, Systems and Control Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Engineering, Engineering and Economics, Materials Technology.


* Scholarship recipients do not have to pay any tuition fee or admission fee.
* There is no fee to apply.
* Round trip airfare will also match.
* Students do not have to show IELTS or TOEFL score.
Eligibility criteria
* Must be an international student of any country that has diplomatic relations with Japan.
* Applicants must be born after April 2, 1986.
* From now on, the result of the previous 2 years of academic examination must be at least 2.30 in GPA-3.

Application process

To get this scholarship, you have to submit the scholarship application to the University of Tokyo by post or directly. Click on this link to know more about application process and scholarship.

The International Graduate Program (A) offers a choice of six English-language based curricular programs related to the 15 departments of Tokyo Tech and enables students to obtain a master’s or doctoral degree. There are two types of programs: Integrated Doctoral Education Program and Master’s Program. Some curricular programs are set up as an Integrated Doctoral Education Program, designed to combine the Master’s Program and Doctoral Program so that graduate students can obtain both degrees within three to five years.

There is no Japanese language requirement for this program as lectures and seminars are held in English. However, students are given opportunities to attend Japanese language classes on a regular basis in order to better adapt to daily life in Japan.

A limited number of students with outstanding academic records are eligible to apply for a scholarship from Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (“MEXT”) with a recommendation from Tokyo Tech.

Program currently calling for application
(IGP(A), commencing in September 2022)

Application PeriodSeptember 10, 2021 – December 8, 2021
Deadline of the consent mail/letter submissionDecember 5, 2021 at 23:59 (JST)
Deadline of ApplicationDecember 8, 2021 at 23:59 (JST)
Notification of ResultMarch 3, 2022 at 15:00 (JST)

Application Guide for IGP(A), commencing in September 2022

Application Guide for IGP(A), commencing in September 2022

Downloaded Application Formats

Do not modify the original format of forms (word file)

Applicants are required to specify their choice of program from among those listed below:

List of Departments and Programs

International Graduate Program in Science for Innovative Leaders (PSIL)

Interdisciplinary Program on Cyber-Physical System for Smart Society (CPSSS)

Interdisciplinary Education Program on Material Research and Development Synergized by Data Science for Advanced Human Resource(Id-MatD2

Graduate Program to Foster Bio-Global Leader

Postgraduate Program for Environmental Designers Contributing to Resilient Cities

Global Leader Program for Transdisciplinary Research

Source: Internet & Prothom Alo

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