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A team led by LGED Chief Engineer Abdur Rashid Khan visited Bashundhara Bitumen Plant in Pangaon area of ​​Keraniganj yesterday.

A delegation of the Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) has expressed satisfaction over the quality of bitumen produced at the Bashundhara Group plant. Visiting Bashundhara Bitumen Plant in Keraniganj on Wednesday, senior engineers said, “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has always insisted on building sustainable and improved roads. Roads were not sustainable due to low quality imported bitumen. In this situation, I want to have confidence in Bashundhara’s quality bitumen.

A team led by LGED Chief Engineer Abdur Rashid Khan visited the Bashundhara Bitumen Plant in Pangaon area of ​​Keraniganj on Wednesday afternoon. During the exchange of experiences with the engineers on bituminous production process, type, production capacity, quality control and development. The members of the delegation expressed satisfaction over the work plan, strategies and high quality production process of Bashundhara Bitumen. They thanked the Bashundhara Group for this great initiative to take the country to the pinnacle of development.

The Bashundhara bitumen plant was inaugurated on February 22 last year. It is the first and only bitumen manufacturing plant in the country in the private sector, built with state-of-the-art technology.

While inspecting the plant yesterday, LGED chief engineer Abdur Rashid Khan said, ‘We want the domestic company to produce bitumen. This will reduce both time and cost. He called for reaching out to the district level to make marketing easily available.

Highlighting the issue of imported bitumen, Abdur Rashid Khan said that the amount of bitumen produced in government institutions is much less than the current demand. As a result, import dependence increases. In addition, the time spent on importing from abroad due to procedural reasons, the quality of bitumen is greatly reduced. In this situation, this initiative of Bashundhara is very timely. Bitumen produced in the country is fresh. As a result, the value remains the same.

LGED chief engineer Abdur Rashid Khan said, “There is no compromise on quality. We want to have confidence in the quality of Bashundhara bitumen. Hopefully they will retain this confidence. If Bashundhara and LGED work together, it is possible to implement the sustainable road development directive directed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister.

Bitumen grade determination committee president of the University of Engineering Professor. Mohammad Zakaria said, ‘Wherever bitumen comes from, there should be no compromise on its quality. Bashundhara Group has to be applauded. Because they have built this plant with huge risk in road development of the country. They have plans to export these domestic products abroad. I will request LGED to establish good relations with Bashundhara.

LGED quality control unit supervising engineer. Rezaul Karim said, there is a proverb in Bengal — what is your name as a tree? Bashundhara Bitumen will occupy the market with its value. LGED never compromises with quality.

Md. Rezaul Karim added, ‘We did not have a good experience with bitumen. The trend of repacking Iranian, UAE bitumen or normal BPC will stop if Bashundhara bitumen is properly marketed while maintaining quality. Then it will be a big issue for Bangladesh. LGED uses 40 percent of the government’s demand for bitumen. So LGED will be a huge stakeholder or user to use bitumen.

An official of the delegation said, “Actually, the purpose of our visit today is to see if the expected quality bitumen is produced. Another is to make adulterated bitumen. If we can make bitumen in our own country, then the tendency to import adulterated bitumen will come down. The initiative taken by Bashundhara as an anti-counterfeiting measure is commendable. I thank Bashundhara for this. ‘

Kingshuk Hossain, Chief Marketing Officer, Bashundhara Group, Sector B, said, “Bashundhara is the first privately owned domestic company in Bangladesh to start production of bitumen. We will be able to export bitumen abroad by meeting the demand of the country. The amount of bitumen produced by Bangladesh Eastern Refinery does not meet the demand of the country. Because the demand is much higher. The Bashundhara plant is fully capable of meeting the demand for bitumen in the country. The Bashundhara plant is capable of producing the type of bitumen required for the project. We hope to meet the demand of the country and enrich the economy by saving foreign currency by exporting abroad.

Regarding the production capacity of Bashundhara Group’s plant, he said, ‘Our annual production capacity is 9 lakh tons. At present there is a demand of more than five lakh tons of bitumen in the country. At the moment, the annual production of Bashundhara Bitumen Plant is five and a half lakh tons. Another four lakh tonnes will be added to the production very soon.

Nafiz Imtiaz Alam, Plant Chief Engineer, Bashundhara Oil and Gas Company Limited, gave a brief overview of the overall production and quality of Bashundhara Bitumen in front of the delegation. LGED Roads and Bridges Maintenance Unit Additional Chief Engineer in the delegation. Ali Akhtar Hossain, Additional Chief Engineer. Nur Hossain Hawladar, Supervising Engineer of Quality Control Branch Mohammad Rezaul Karim and other engineers were present. Senior officials of Bashundhara Oil and Gas Company Limited were present at the occasion.

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